(Frequently Asked Questions)

How does the Team Discount work?

We are offering a discount of $5 per person for teams of 8 or more for the longer distance rides to encourage group participation and cameraderie. Team captains should email primavera@ffbc.org to register their team name and get a discount code to be used on Active. The team members can use that code to receive a $5 discount.  Please only distribute the code to your team members; do not post the code on your team websites or  on social network.  For team members using mail-in registration, there is a spot on the form for the team name and a box to check for the $5 discount.Codes cannot be added retroactively into Active. Members do not have to ride together or do the same route.  They do not have to all register at once either. Discounts and reduced pricing do not apply to the 25 Mile Fun Ride. If there are teams with less than 8 members  by the day of the ride, $5 will be collected at sign-in from each member. Note that all members do not have to ride the same routes to qualify for the discount. Distance rides are all the same price and you may pick the best for you, as well as change from one route to another, either at the start, or at various points along the routes.

What if I want to do one of the other routes?

Already registered for one route and want to change to a different route? No problem, other than switching from the Fun Ride to one of the other routes. If you are switching from the Fun Ride to one of the longer distance rides, the upgrade fee is $45 if  we have not already sold out on these longer distance rides. Please email us and we will get you on a list to upgrade your entrance fee at sign in.

All of the distance rides are the same price and you may change from one route to another, either at the start, or at various points along the routes. If you know you will be switching at time of sign in, please tell the nice people at registration. You may also switch along the way. We will have some extra route sheets at the Sunol Rest stop. If you are changing to the 70K, it is straight down Niles Canyon from Sunol and then follow the 100K or 100 mile sheets as they turn onto Niles Canyon. From Sunol, turn onto Mission then into the High School. If you want to change to the 100 mile route, please grab a route sheet. Changing from the 100 mile route to the 100K route is simply a matter of going straight on Foothill instead of turning and following the same directions as on the 100 mile sheet for the turn onto Dublin Canyon. There is also an 85 mile option. Instead of going left out of Rest Stop 3, turn right. Rest Stops 3 and 4 are the same location, Rios Lovell Winery. In between is the Altamont Loop with a good climb. If you are not feeling up to it, or time is an issue, please consider this option. There are two decent climbs before that post ride meal.

What if it rains?

The ride is rain or shine and will not be rescheduled. If you think it will rain and don’t want to do it, you may transfer your registration to someone else, free of charge. It is up to you to find a transferee and for you to sign the transfer form. Any reimbursement from the transferee is up to you. The other option is to switch routes. In 2009, we had a cold and windy rain storm in the afternoon. A large number of 100 milers switched to the 100K route, had a nice ride and enjoyed lunch back at the high school. Some of the fast riders made the 100 miles without a drop of rain. There were a number of people who wished they had done the shorter route. That was an unusually cold day.

What if my jersey doesn’t fit?

We are making an order of jerseys based on the pre-orders plus what we believe will sell at Registration. We are mailing the clothes to those who pre-ordered early in time for them to get the clothes the week before the ride. If something does not fit, notify us and we will set aside the right size for an exchange at Registration. We only ask that you make an effort to get there early to do the exchange.

Is there public transportation to the start?

Unfortunately BART does not start arriving in Fremont until about 9 on Sundays. That is OK for the Family Fun Ride, but does not work for distance rides. There are AC Transit busses that run hourly to the Fremont BART station. See www.bart.gov or check out www.511.org If you take arrive at the Fremont BART station, head towards the hills on Walnut Avenue and turn right on Mission Blvd then go a couple of miles and turn right on Palm. You have just done the end of the ride. You may find the Primavera facebook page helpful in finding a carpool buddy. If you belong to a bike club, you might consider trying to find someone within your club. If you do take BART and/or AC Transit, you might consider staying at a local hotel/motel the night before.

What if I have mechanical issues?

Your bike should be in top mechanical shape before attempting this ride. The ride has SAG vehicles and professional mechanics at each of the rest stops.  Even though we try to have all the routes swept and the SAG vehicles carry brooms, there will always be a few riders who get flats. You should carry a spare tube and a pump. If not, the SAG vehicles carry spare tubes and a floor pump. For more major issues, you may be transported to the nearest rest stop where there is a mechanic. There is an emergency number on your route sheet to call the SAG coordinator. Each SAG vehicle has a phone and HAM radio coverage. If it is a medical emergency, call 911 first, then call the SAG coordinator.

When can I start?

Sign-in and registration are from 6:30 to 8:00 AM for the 65K through 100 mile routes on the day of ride. You may start at any time after you check in and attach your number to the bicycle. Family Fun ride check-in and start is any time between 8 and 10:30.

When does the course close?

Entire route closes at 5:30 PM.  Please note the following cutoff times.

  • 100 milers need to be at the turn from Sunol Blvd by 11 AM and out of the first winery stop by 12:30 PM.
  • Rest stop at Ed Levin Park closes at 11:00 AM.
  • Sunol Glen School and Rios Lovell Winery closes at 2:00 PM.

I did not pre-order a jersey or shorts, but they look nice. How can I order one?

We ordered some extras and they will be available at registration. First come, first served. If you are a family fun rider, you may want to get there at 6:30 just to get a jersey and then kick back until 8. Cash or check only.

What if I am sick or had an accident and cannot ride?

We do not provide refunds, but since the ride normally sells out, there are more people looking for a registration that people who cannot make the ride. It is typical that people are getting transfers the morning of the ride and showing us the completed form on their cell phones. See the next question.

What if I want to transfer my registration?

Go to the Transfer tab. Note that a good place to find people looking to buy or sell is Craigslist and our Facebook page.

Are there training rides to get in shape for the Primavera?

We offer three training series to get you in shape for the spring centuries.

Our Progressive Ride Series (PRS) is designed to get riders in condition to do a full century.  For riders planning to do the metric century, the Less Aggressive Progressive Ride Series (LAP) will provide progressive training at a slower pace (T-M) toward a metric century. The LAP series runs concurrently with the PRS.

And if that’s not enough, the Club offers the Cinderella Conditioning Ride Series (CCRS) in preparation for the Cinderella Classic, an annual event sponsored by the Valley Spokesmen. This year we’ve split the series into two groups, the “Coaching Series” is for new women riders (sorry, no men) and the “Conditioning Series” is open to all club members. The Conditioning Series will progress to a metric century a little more gently than the LAP rides.

All three series start in mid-January with shorter and flatter rides that gradually build up to a full or metric centuries in April.  Check the FFBC.org site for details and schedules.

Primavera supports which non-profit organizations?

Will professional photography be provided?

Once again, professional photos to commemorate the day will be provided by Captivating Sports Photos www.captivatingsportsphotos.net

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How does the Bike Giveaway work?

  1. Each registered Primavera rider who signs in on the day of the ride, regardless of age, is eligible for one chance at the draw.
  2. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced at 2pm. Winner need not be present.
  3. Winner will also be announced via the websites, Facebook, Twitter and email list.
  4. Winner must contact Urban Bike Fitters to claim the bike. If the bike is not claimed within 5 business days, we will draw again until a winner is reached.

Can I download a GPS file for my route?

Yes! Go to the Routes page and look for the “Quick Links” to download one of the RidewithGPS Links.

Have another question?

Email primavera@ffbc.org.