Last Minute Info

If you cannot make the ride…

Use our free Transfer Form from this link to give or sell your registration to someone else.  Try Craigslist or our Facebook page for posting.  We accept faxed or scanned transfer forms. Transfers received up to April 10 should go straight to the line corresponding to your last name. For transfers received after April 10, go to the Transfers/Problems line.

If it rains…

The ride is rain or shine. We cannot change the date or issue refunds. If the rain is forecast for the afternoon, you may wish to consider a shorter route to get back before the rain. If there is rain in the morning, we will keep the registration for the 65 and 100K routes open until 10AM. You may be able to enjoy Calaveras and at least get in a nice ride, even if it is not a full century.

Even if it rains and you do not want to ride, please show up in the afternoon and receive your goodie bags and a food truck meal as well as check in to have your number in the hat for a new bike. We have already paid for the food trucks, so you might as well come down and enjoy.

Mission SJ High MapStarting location

All routes start from

Mission San Jose High School

41717 Palm Ave

 Fremont, CA 94539

 (link to GoogleMap)

 Restrooms, water and coffee are available on-site.


Check-in will be set up in the front of the school in a large room. Follow the signs.   All riders must first check in on the day of the event. There is no check-in the day before. You will sign a waiver, list a current emergency contact, get a wrist band, bike number and pre-ride goodie bag (there is also a post-ride goodie bag and random prizes including a new bicycle).

Check in and registration times are by routes:

  • 6:30 to 8:00 AM:65K through 100 mile Century
  • 8:00 to 10:30 AM: Fun Ride

Fill out the Sign-in Form first to make the lines go quicker.  The form is online if you prefer to fill it out in advance at this link .  Otherwise, they will be on tables at check-in. If you are accompanying someone else’s minor, please bring the signed minor release which is at the bottom of the same Sign-in Form. The minor’s release must be signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian.  The 25 mile check-in does not open until 8 and we ask that 25 mile riders wait until then to check in.  The rest stops are based on a 25 miler 8 to 10 AM start.

We will have jerseys, T-shirts, socks, and arm warmers for sale.  Cash or check preferred. If all goes well, we will be able to accept credit cards for an additional 3% fee. If you pre-ordered a jersey or other clothing, you should have already received it in the mail. For issues, email

You may start at any time after you sign in and attach your number to the bicycle. There is no mass start.


Revised Parking Map

We encourage carpooling . You may find the Primavera Facebook page helpful in finding a carpool buddy. In addition to on-site parking (first-come first-served) there is a limited amount of street parking.  Follow the direction by the on-site Parking Coordinators on the day of the event.

The front of the school area is reserved for SAG drivers and drop offs. No parking there. That is where the food trucks will park in the afternoon.

Watch for bicycles as you park.  Once the high school lot fills, parking will be along the streets in the neighborhoods and at Mission San Jose Community Park. Do not park on Palm Avenue on the north side between Mission Blvd and the high school parking lot. This will keep it clear for riders coming into the finish.  Please remember that some people like to sleep in Sunday mornings.  Parking at the swim club across the street is prohibited.

Route sheets, maps

A route sheet will be given to you at sign-in. Optionally, route sheets, and maps can be accessed online: 

If you change routes, there are extra sheets at the first two rest stops.  Routes are marked on the streets with color-coded arrows with a P on them.  Orange arrows for 100 miles, blue for 100K, green for the 65K route, and white for 25 miles.  The 100K and 65K routes take a short loop into historic Niles.  If you want to add this to the 100 or 85 mile routes, just follow the green and blue arrows straight into Niles at the end of Niles Canyon.

The whole Niles loop is just over 1 mile. Be careful on Sullivan underpass as people use that route to get to the steam trains.  For those doing the 85 mile option, follow the orange arrows to the winery stop and turn right the first time out of the winery and continue following the orange arrows.

The 25 mile route has an option to add 4 miles by going to the end of the Alameda Creek Trail for a good view of the bay.  You can see all the way up to San Francisco.  For the turn onto Patterson Ranch, you can take the road or bike path.

You can read about Niles, and other interesting sights along the routes on the Travel Log page here.

Please note the cutoff times

  • Entire route closes at 5:30 PM
  • 100 milers need to be at the turn from Sunol Blvd by 11 AM and out of the first winery stop by 12:30 PM
  • Rest stop at Ed Levin Park closes at 11:00 AM
  • Sunol Glen School and Rios Lovell Winery closes at 2:00 PM
  • Palo Verde closes at 4:00 PM

On the 100 mile route, there is an option of taking a bike path that parallels Wetmore.  The whole course continues onto that bike path through the vineyards as the route crosses Arroyo.

At Marina up to and along Tesla, there is a bike path parallel to the course roads and there are places to go on to, or off of, the road from the path.  Riders can stay on the path if they want.  SAG drivers will keep an eye out for people on the path as well as the road.

There is a SAG phone number on the route sheets.  If someone is injured, call 911 first.

Obey all traffic signs.  The Police will be out for your protection, but they will not hesitate to ticket people running stop signs or hindering traffic.  Also, the speed limit down Palomares is 25 MPH.  You will be tired at this point and going a little slower is not a bad idea.  Single file please on Niles Canyon.  There are some wider spots where passing can be done safely.  Also, on Mission Blvd, there is a narrow subway under the railroad tracks.  This can be avoided, especially for the Fun riders, by walking your bike on the sidewalk that goes through a separate tunnel under the tracks.

Post-ride Check-in and Meal

When you complete your ride, check back in to let us know you finished the ride and get your post-ride meal voucher and other goodies and coupons. Keep your wrist band and we will cut it off and give you your goodie bag with a meal voucher

How does the Bike Giveaway work?

Each registered Primavera rider who signs in on the day of the ride, regardless of age, is eligible for one chance at the draw.

The winner will be randomly drawn and announced at 2pm. Winner need not be present. Winner will also be announced via the Primavera websites, Facebook, Twitter and email list.

Winner must contact Urban Bike Fitters in Fremont to claim the bike. If the bike is not claimed within 5 business days, we will draw again until a winner is reached.

In Case of Emergency, other Issues

  • If it is a medical emergency, call 911 first, then call the SAG coordinator.
  • For mechanical or other issues, call the SAG coordinator at (510) 304-0956 or visit a professional mechanic at the nearest rest stop.