Three Weeks To Go Newsletter


If you cannot ride this year

The Long-distance rides sold out in February and there are a lot of people wanting to get a registration. They have posted on Craigslist (SF Bay Area) and that is a good place, along with our Facebook page to post your excess registration. You collect your money back from the transferee. Please, no scalping. Transferring is free. Go to to fill out a transfer form and for the transferee to get a registration form. If the transferee mails or emails it by April 10, they can go to a regular line. After April 10 they go to the Transfers line at check-in. On day of, we will even accept looking at the form on your smart phone. A few transfers done electronically that morning last year.

The price for all but the Fun Ride is the same and a distance registration is good for any route.

Get your bike in shape

We will have professional mechanics at registration and each rest stop, but they should be for emergency repairs. Before the ride is a good time to get that new chain, tires, brakes, etc. See our sponsor page for excellent shops. If you join FFBC, they offer a 10% discount on most items. Mention that you are doing the Primavera and chances are high that you will get some sort of discount.

What to Expect on the Day of the Ride

If you are driving to the start, parking attendants will flag you into the school lot on Palm Avenue, just off Mission Blvd. The physical address is 41717 Palm Ave, Fremont, CA 94539. If the lot is full, parking is on the street. Do not park at the private swim club across the street. Many people opt to park at Mission San Jose Park on Mission Blvd between Driscoll and Palm (41400 Mission Blvd).

Please proceed to Registration which is near the front of the school. There is bike parking there. On entering the “new” cafeteria, go to a table and sign a Release Form and emergency contact number. This form will also be used to call your cell phone if you win a new bike (see after the ride), so print neat. To save time, you can print and fill out the form at home to bring with you. Go to to down load the form. If you have a minor child, a minor release form is required to be signed. Take the signed form to the line for your last name. Transfers received after April 10, go to the Transfers/Problems line. When you get to the front of your line, you will get a small (perfect size to hold a cell phone) goodie bag with a couple of nice to have items for the ride, a wrist band (allows you into the rest stops and is traded in for the post ride goodie bag), and a bike number. The numbers this year go on the front of the handle bars. We listened to the problems attaching last years and have kept away from pins in those nice jerseys. You will also get a route sheet of your choice. Back by popular demand, each rider checking in gets a CueClip to hold your route sheet onto the handlebar or stem.

It is OK if you signed up for a different route, you can ride the one that you feel like on that day, just tell the nice volunteer the route sheet you want. If you signed up for the Fun Ride, you cannot upgrade without purchasing someone’s distance registration, but there are some alternatives to add some distance out at Coyote Hills.

Once you attach your bike number to your bike, you are free to take off. There is no mass start. We will have coffee at registration again this year to get you going.

If you want to purchase a jersey, arm warmers, t-shirt, or socks, there will be a sales table at registration. Bring cash or a check. They are first come first served and usually sell out.

Along the Route

It is a good idea to read the Travelogue at . Routes are marked on the pavement with arrows that look like a P. The color corresponds to the route sheet color. Orange for 100 miles (and 85 mile), Blue for 100k, Green for 65k and white for the fun ride. There are also signs at critical points along the route. The route sheet is there to help as well. If you are so inclined, you can load the route into your Garmin, just go to the Routes Tab at on the Primavera Website to get the route you want.

The weather may be cool in the morning and warm up. Instead of carrying those extra layers, you can put them in a clothes drop bag, label it, and it will be there for you at the end of the ride. The drop bags are at the first three rest stops.

It is important that everyone obeys traffic laws. Hopefully, there will be extra police out. They are there for your protection, but also to enforce the law.

This is not a race.

SAG vehicles are there to help. They are marked with green flags. They all carry a pump and a couple spare tubes and can transport you to the nearest rest stop. Every rest stop has a profession mechanic. The SAG coordinator phone number is on the route sheet. If it is a medical emergency, call 911 first.

Rest stops are there for you. We do stock gluten free items. There are electrolyte pills and sunblock. If you don’t see something, just ask.

Again, Captivating Sports Photos will be out along the route to take photos. Check their website a few days later.

At the End of the Ride

When you get back to the High School, check back in and you receive a post ride goodie bag with some cool stuff and your meal voucher. The voucher is used for one meal off of a food truck. There are also unlimited drinks along with cake and ice cream.

We are excited this year as Urban Bike Fitters is donating a Cannondale Synapse Alloy Tiagra Disc to be raffled off. A lucky bike number will be drawn at 2PM. You do not need to be present to win. We will contact you, but it is one more thing to look forward to at the end.

There will also be smaller prizes given randomly to returning riders


Speaking of significant others, they can also have a good time that day by volunteering. Go to to sign up. They get a t-shirt, food, and a couple surprise gifts. With a little planning, they will see you on your travels.


Check out the FAQ tab at If you still have questions, write

There will be another set of last minute instructions sent out a week before the ride. If you do not see it, just check the website and a copy will be there.