42nd Annual Primavera Century: April 27, 2014


The 2014 Primavera Century is Sold Out! 

There will be no day-of registration.  Please check our Facebook page and Craigslist.com for people wishing to transfer their registration.

The Primavera Century covers some of East Bay’s most scenic roads.  The longer-distance routes ride past the historic Mission San Jose to the scenic Calaveras Reservoir (part of past Amgen Tour of California Routes and home to Bald Eagles), along beautiful tree lined lanes, through vineyards, to the top of Altamont Pass, past wind turbines and through scenic canyons. The 25-mile Fun Ride goes through Coyote Hills Park with abundant wildlife.

478404_433163096715929_1208076098_oThe Primavera Century is fully supported with SAG, rest stops with mechanics and  goodies, Hot Meal at the end of ride!  Medals for kids on the Fun Ride!  Proceeds from the ride fund Fremont Freewheelers Bicycle Club and the many non-profits that we support.

  • Century, 85 mile Option, Metric Century, Calaveras Loop - $65 
  • Fun Ride: Adults – $20, under 18 – $10

Five Routes to choose from:

  • Century: 100 miles, 5,500’ ascent 
  • 85 mile Option: 85 miles, 4,300′ ascent
  • Metric Century: 100K, 63 miles, 3,800’ ascent 
  • Calaveras Loop: 65K, 2,100’ ascent
  • Fun Ride: 25 miles, mostly flat

see Routes for details

13 Responses to 42nd Annual Primavera Century: April 27, 2014

  1. Gail Fiock says:

    Hi there,
    have signed up for the primavera and am interested in progressive ride series.. see that it begins in mid Jan but not date, place, time that I can see… when may that be available?


    • FFBC Cyclist says:

      Glad you can join us!

      Progressive Ride Series (PRS)
      Our annual PRS (Progressive Ride Series) rides start on January 19th and runs every Sunday. The PRS series gets riders ready for a full century (the Primavera Worker’s Ride on April 19th). The ride will lead at a M pace.

      Less Aggressive Progressive Ride Series (LAP)
      Starting on Sunday January 12th the weekly LAP rides will become progressively more challenging through the end of March at a T-M pace with the goal of preparing riders to complete a metric century of their choice in the Spring.

      You may also be interested in another training/conditioning series: the Cinderella Conditioning Ride Series (CCRS) is an 11-week training program to be held from January 18 – March 29, 2014. The purpose of the training is to help women learn to ride a bicycle comfortably in a group setting, and develop the skills necessary to successfully complete a 100 kilometer (62 mile) ride. We plan the series to finish the week prior to The Valley Spokesmen’s Cinderella Classic and Challenge Ride on Saturday, April 5, 2014, to enable riders to be prepared for this local, women’s only event.

      Details for these and other club rides can be found on the monthly FFBC Ride Calendar at http://ffbc.org/. Cureent month rides are at: http://fremontfreewheelers.org/ride_calendar/current.pdf.

      • Gail Fiock says:

        Thanks so much for the information. I think the progressive series with the Cinderella group will be a good fit for me. thanks

  2. Becky Smith says:

    Hi! I would like to volunteer for the Primavera. I have been an FFBC member since 2000, and the Primavera was my very first organized ride! I won’t be riding this year, since I have been cross training for Tough Mudder NorCal in April. I like doing people things, since I am social, and former Army officer, as in, great in crowd control! 😊 Will there be an event jersey for purchase?

  3. joanne engel says:

    can you remind me of the policy about transferring registrations? I signed up a few months ago, but just learned that I have to travel that weekend.

  4. John says:

    Is the SAG support only for the century ride? Anything available for the 100km ride?

  5. citizenstx says:

    I registered, but sadly cannot attend. I followed the protocol via Active for transferring, but the link just sends the transferee to the main registration web site. How is the transfer supposed to work? Thanks

  6. Andy says:

    It is easier to go to the registration page. print out the registration form, sign it and give to to the transferee. Have them bring it in the morning and go to the transfers line. They will get their number, wrist band, pre-ride goodie bag (there is also a post ride goodie bag), and some water or coffee if they want, and their adventure will begin. Any money transfer is between you two

    Hope to see you next year

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